Bob Walton & Jim Walton

After writing and performing in our DOUBLE TROUBLE (A Musical Tour de Farce), a very physically demanding show for two actors in which we played some 12 different characters, we began talking about what to write next. We knew one thing - we wanted there to be more than two people on stage, and hopefully at least one actual female, instead of us in drag. We’d always been drawn to the revue format, but finding a universally appealing topic with comic potential was no easy task. Then, an old adage came to mind: Write what you know. We stared at each other blankly (something we do quite often), realizing we’d stumbled upon the idea of MID-LIFE! Baby boomers growing older, the body changing, medical issues, empty nest, divorce—sounds like a laugh riot, doesn't it? As writers, we were instinctively drawn to heavy and dramatic interpretations of those experiences, but our challenge was to limit them to one or two and make the bulk of the show more comic and upbeat.

Over the course of two years, we work-shopped the material in numerous readings and presentations. Each time, we learned a great deal, then went back to write another mid-life moment. Then another, and another. Luckily, (and sadly) there seemed to be a plethora of experiences to draw on! In closing, we hope and feel we’ve created an enjoyable show, filled with lots of laughter and threads of bittersweetness. We hope that even your mid-life audiences will find our show hard to forget.

Jim & Bob Walton
NYC 2006

Jim and Bob at the piano

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